Korea Trip - Miscellaneous Photos

There are still some photos from my Korean Trip back in 2017 that I have not shared yet, and I try to put them together in this post. Hope you enjoy them. 

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Korea Trip #7 - Gyeongbokgung Palace

Location: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul

Gyeongbokgung is the largest palace from the Joseon dynasty, was destroyed in the war, but ever since has been reconstructed. One of the best thing to do here is to watch the guard-changing ceremony, and it's completely free. However, if you want to go inside the inner complex of the palace, then you will need to buy ticket. 

Check the time for the ceremony before you visit, since they only conduct it twice a day.

Korea Trip #06 - Maze Museum, Jeju

Location: Maze Museum, Jeju Island

If your definition of fun includes finding your way in real-life maze, you should head to this museum. Be warned that for people who directionally challenged, this can be a bad idea, but it will surely improve your steps count. 

Korea Trip #5 - Seongsan Ilchubong

Location: Seongsan Ilchubong, Jeju Island

This is a must see place if you're visiting Jeju Island. We were a bit worried because on the day, it was foggy, and you can't see the crater from afar. Fortunately, the fog subsides just before we do our climb. The climb (both up and down) can be done within a couple of hours. 

Korea Trip #4 - Sangumburi Crater

Location: Sangumburi Crater, Jeju Island

The location is rather far from the Jeju city centre, and while it is beautiful, it is pale in comparison to (as an example) Seongsan Ilchubong. The fact that we were there at the height of noon also make the colour a bit washed out. 

Korea Trip #3 - Osulloc Tea Museum & Innisfree House

Osulloc and Innisfree are actually sister companies, and the tea museum is just beside the Innisfree Jeju House. We paid a visit to both after we finished the submarine tour. 

Because we had not had our lunch, we decided to eat at the Innisfree Cafe, which specialised in healthy and natural food, created from only what could be found in Jeju. It was the case of either we were very hungry, or the foods were very delicious (I suspected both). The extra point? The foods looked so damn gorgeous. 

Afterwards we took a walk in the tea garden, which is very pretty and scenic, if only we can erase all the people in the background. We took an obscene amount of photos here before we moved to the Tea Museum to buy a lot of (you guessed it) tea! 

IMG_9416 IMG_9417 IMG_9418IMG_9424 IMG_9425 IMG_9426 IMG_9430 IMG_9439 IMG_9440 IMG_9444 IMG_9451 IMG_9454 DSCF2894 IMG_9456 IMG_9457 IMG_9466 DSCF2899 DSCF2900 DSCF2902 IMG_9467 IMG_9470 IMG_9472 IMG_9474 IMG_9476 IMG_9479

Korea Trip #2 - Soegwipo

After a good night sleep, we visited Seogwipo to join the Submarine Tour. We took a taxi from Jeju city centre to this southern part of the island. Language is a great barrier, and we had difficulties just to explain things to our taxi driver (If you couldn't drive in Korea, getting a driver who could speak english could actually make your trip easier). It was slightly frustrating, but also add certain spice to our experience.

Our taxi driver, despite the fact that we couldn't communicate well, was trying his best to understand us, and, even with this big obstacle, manage to book us the submarine tour (it involved a lot of google translate, a call to someone who can actually speak a bit of english, and a lot of guess work). 

Seogwipo itself is a good place for a bit of hiking, however, as we have only limited time before the tour, we didn't have the chance to explore most of it.

Korea Trip #1 - Travelling Time

Waiting for the flight *yawn*

We concocted the plan to visit Korea back in 2016 with an itinerary to stay in Jeju and Seoul for 4 days each, and we just came back a couple of weeks ago (thus explain the delay between the photo editing and posting time).

This trip was quite challenging in some ways. Firstly, none of us speaks Korean, and most people don't use English here. Secondly, our knowledge of the country was quite limited. We pretty much depend on literature instead of having clear objectives of what we would like to see, taste, or experience. It was somewhat unsettling for me, but the experiences taught me to go with the flow. 

The first day of the holiday is always the dreaded travelling time. We decided to visit Jeju first before Seoul, as we heard that the latter is a haven for shoppers, and we definitely do not want to carry all the newly-purchased items in the second leg of the holiday. As such our first-day route was Changi - Incheon - Gimpo - Jeju. 

From Incheon, getting into Gimpo is a simple manner of boarding the train to Seoul, which will make a stop at Gimpo within the hour. We put a long period between our arrival in Incheon (6 am) and our departure in Gimpo (3 pm), as we were worried that we might encounter something unplanned on the road. This was really unnecessary, and we had too much time to kill at Gimpo. At least, we took some pictures near the Gimpo Lottemart. 

So for the first instalment, here are some photos that documented the dreaded first day, pictures full of bleary eyes and tired souls -__-

A Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Even though I live just an hour flight away from Kuala Lumpur, I only visited it once before for a short getaway. The city left not much impression on me, and I didn't have any definite plan to come back to the city. However, when E had to fly to KL for a business trip and invited me to join on the weekend, I decided to do just that. 

This time around, a friend of her brought us to places that we would, on our own volition, not visit, due to the distance to the city centre, and lack of knowledge of their existence. We took a half-day trip to Putrajaya and visited 2 mosques there, the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque, and the Putra Mosque. While the former is a marvel in the modern style, the later boasts intricate design and refinery akin to the middle eastern craftsmanship.

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