Adelaide - Go Out and Play

We arrived in Adelaide in October, but due to a lot of things that has to be done, I haven't updated the site for quite some time. Settling in could be a tough job. The CBD is a bit wider compared to Perth, but also much shorter, which make Adelaide a stocky city :)

The place is beautiful. It has nice weather, and every amenities is quite close to where we stay. So here are a few pictures from our first few weeks. I'll try to make a much detailed post in the future about the city, highlighting some key places in each of my post.

She is happy for the fact that Gong Cha has 2 branches in Adelaide! :)

Central market, beautiful and bustling. I promise I will post more pictures from this market in the near future

Rundle st. Mall, with its big shiny balls

Torrens Riverbank

Haigh's Chocolate. Yummy, but a bit expensive

East End

Adelaide is a bicycle friendly city!

The CBD has 5 big plaza, this is one of them

Adelaide CBD, no imposing skyline.


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