New Zealand Pt. 7 - Te Anau & Milford Sound

Te Anau is the closest city to Milford Sound. This city, just aside the Te Anau lake, is a charming little town, with many options for tourist. If you have enough budget, a flyover on the fjord would be a fantastic experience. Other travelers with our budget could opt to visit the glow worm cave, just a short ferry ride from the town. This is a new experience for me to go inside the cave and see the whole cave ceiling peppered with tiny little glow. Unfortunately, photography is strictly forbidden inside the cave since sounds and light can annoy the tiny worms.

The drive to Milford Sound from Te Anau is amazingly beautiful as we were treated with many water bodies along the way, from river, creeks, pools and many more. Unfortunately, we have to minimise our stops due to the rain. The rain also contributed to the high waves that made our cruise a bit choppy. My suggestion is to take the whole journey slowly, stop often, and spent some time along the way.


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