The Heart of Macau Peninsula - Largo de Senado

Largo de Senado, and its trippy flooring

In the middle of Macau Peninsula, there is this network of public squares that to some extent represent Macau history and culture. The biggest one is the Largo de Senado, or the Senado Square (or if you really want to translate it to English, the Senate Square), which is a part of the UNESCO Heritage Site. This sprawling area (of about 3700 square meter, according to Wikipedia) is clearly marked with the white and black cobblestone that create trippy, wavy pattern.

In this area, you will find old churches and Portuguese style building on one alley, and an old Chinese mansion (Lou Kao Mansion) on the other. One street is filled with traditional street food which includes steamboat-like offal and meatball soup, side by side with Italian gelato stalls and a Ramen restaurant a stone-throw away (assuming you have a very strong arm). 

While you're reading the description, you might think of yourself transferred in time to the olden days. However the line of stores in this area would certainly bring abrupt end to that notion (whether it's good or otherwise, I believe would differ from person to person). Here we are on one of the most beautiful part in Macau, and as your eyes sweep the horizon, come to the vision of various international brands, and (most surprisingly) rows of beauty stores. Maybe the Macanese take their beauty regime very seriously.

The peak of the experience, figuratively and literally, is the ruin of St. Paul Church, which stands on top of the hill overseeing Macau, just beside the old fort (a sign of State-Religion duality? please don't read too much into it). The fort no longer shoot cannon balls to the sea, most possibly because all the casinos that block the way.

Small alley with a line of bushes


Inside Lou Kau Mansion





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