The Pursuit of Maggie Beer's Food, Trail to Barossa Valley

My order, the bread is amazing, and the chicken pie tasted great.

E and I love food, and I'm guilty of sometimes splurging money on delicious dishes. This is somehow the beginning point of this journey. In Australia, Maggie Beer is a household name of good cooking. A renowned chef, she has written several cook book, starred in many cook shows, including a semi permanent fixture in Masterchef Australia (go watch it if you want to see competitive cook TV show, this programme really puts more time on technique, and the masterclasses were really useful).

Once we realised that Maggie Beer's Farm, located in Barossa Valley, which is not that far from Adelaide, we decided that we have to go visit the place. So one weekend, with some friends. we dropped early to the Maggie Beer's Farm to have a brunch and explore the region. 
The Maggie Beer's Farm, taken from across a small lake.
The restaurant, serving us using cute basket
Need to burn that calories down? You can go around the farm
Along the nature walk
Olive garden. at the back
E and Olive
After the brunch, we visited several places, including Seppeltsfield, Mengler hill, and Chateau Tanunda. 

Seppeltsfield is a family-owned land, owned by the Seppeltsfield family (you didn't expect that, did you?) I didn't put any pictures here, because I'm a bit unhappy of the landscape pictures that I had, but E has put many portrait pics in her blog, so go visit her website for more informative write up about it, as well as her post about Mengler Hill.

Mengler Hill, with many sculpture on the hill
E & Khushi, her little friend
In front of Chateau Tanunda Door, they don't make this kind of door anymore
E, drinking hot chocolate in winery (Blasphemy!)
Chateau Tanunda, the cellar
Chateau Tanunda, the facade.


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