Cute Brunch Places


When it comes to Saturdays, we usually stay a bit longer in bed, and have a late breakfast, or brunch, or sometimes, late brunch, which would be the same as lunch, but we call it brunch anyway to trick our body clock, that we still have a lot of time for the day. My internal clock always falls to the trick, it never learn.

Here are 2 brunch places that we visited in the past month, Open Door Policy, and Lola's Cafe. ODP is located at Yong Siak, with many other unique cafe, while Lola's Cafe is located in North Serangoon Road, just across the Kovan station. We loved Lola's Cafe so much that we came back for another brunch session.

As for ODP, while the food is not bad, it's quite far from our place, and I consider their pricing as quite high.

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