Flying to The Land of The Rising Sun


So we are visiting Japan in the middle of Winter. As someone who never really travel to snowing country for more than a couple of day, the preparation proved to be a bit daunting and exciting at the same time. 

As we want to travel light, I limit my warm clothing (which going to take the bulk of space) to just a few items:
1 Uniqlo down jacket - a new purchase as I didn't have one previously
1 scarf - a gift from a colleague before I left Singapore for Australia
1 Kathmandu beanie 
1 Kathmandu pair of gloves - with special lining so I can still use touchscreen
1 sweater from Everlane
1 Uniqlo heatech turtleneck sweater
1 lounge pants, which brand I can't remember
2 pairs of socks, from Muji
1 box of Tolak Angin, magic medication that every Indonesian need for travelling in snowing countries
4 Pop Mie instant noodle, something that I think might tastes better than Japanese ramen!

Aside from these items, I will only bring a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans. I will try to fit them all in my deuter backpack. 


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