Around Tokyo, Day 1, First time in Japan

Owl is a sign of good luck, that's why you will see a lot of Owl charm in Japan
I've never been to Japan before. For me the country was amazing, rich with folklore, cultural importance and such originality that shapes many things in our life, and it definitely in my country to visit list. However, admittedly the decision to visit the country is not something that come easily. Japan is well known as an expensive country to visit, and at the time 2 weeks seems inadequate to enjoy all the country has to offer. 

We got our first break when we found this cheap ticket, a return ticket for a fraction of its normal price, albeit with prolonged transit time in Hanoi. Next, E's insistence to assure me that everything won't really put a hole in our pocket (it kinda did, a bit) actually sway me, and here we go, enjoying 2 weeks at this beautiful country. At the end of our time here, I made a promise to visit this country again in the future. 

This post is a starting point of many more to come that documented of our 14 days journey. In this series some of the pictures are taken by E (from Everyday Edwina), so I would acknowledge that up front. 

The winter was not in full swing yet, this tree thought it was still autumn
This truck played a loud music "Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla!"
Change your perspective, there are a lot of unique things abound
An accordion shaped building
Takeshita Dori - too crowded to walk
The Japanese has it all thought out, this is their meaning of life :p
Asahi, perhaps number 1 beer in Japan?
Shibuya Crossing, not so crowded that day.
The promotion girl, bracing the element to invite us to come in


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