Our Last Day in Tokyo

IMG_7207 Time does fly when you have fun. On our last day in Tokyo, after the Tsukiji Market, we went to visit the garden of the Imperial palace. However, given the awesome sight we experienced at Meiji Shrine and Senso-Ji temple, the garden is a bit pale in comparison. We were thinking to ourselves that maybe this garden would be much more beautiful in Spring. 

The Imperial Palace complex is surrounded by moat, still filled with water, which gives it some out-of-placeness amidst Tokyo very modern setting. 

After spending a short time here, our leg brought us to Akihabara. Unfortunately, Akihabara is not for everyone, and we spent less time here, but we still took some photo for you!

Photography by Edwina & me. 
IMG_7193 IMG_7200DSCF0602 IMG_7226 DSCF0608 DSCF0609 IMG_7241 IMG_7253 IMG_7257 IMG_7259


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