Tsukiji Fish Market


Tsukiji Fish Market is very popular due to its fish auction, which only happen early in the morning (and by early, you will need to be there by 3am). Given that there will be no public transport at the time, and because we were to lazy to wake up THAT early (in the midst of winter, mind you!) we opt to visit it a little bit later, when the sun has warmed the atmosphere.

It was CROWDED! All sushi places were filled with patrons, and people were queueing outside. If you like sashimi or raw fish, eating sushi here is a must, because you will get the freshest fish. For us, who have perpetual fear that eating raw food would led us to food poisoning (and that the texture of raw food is just gross), the market has great alternative to fulfil our appetite, from the onigiri, mochi, barbequed seafood, teas and many more! 

Photographs by Edwina and Me

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