Around Hakone

IMG_7261 We arrived in Hakone under a not so friendly weather, with the rain accompanying us for the whole day. Given its altitude, this is translated to cold days that really could make you miserable when your socks get wet and the wind start to blow in your face. 

However, we braved the element, as we only planned a day to explore Hakone. Much to our disappointment, due to some volcanic activities, Owakudani was off-limit, and with it, gone was the Kuro-Tamago! (Kuro-Tamago are eggs that are cooked by the heat of the volcano, due to the sulphur reaction, the eggs' shell become black, hence the name Kuro for black, and Tamago for Egg).

Hakone is beautiful. The lake Ashi could provide you a great view of mt. Fuji on clear day, but given the situation, it was out of the question. To cross the lake, there are several ships, decorated as pirate ship. (E adamantly said that it's a bit to gimmicky, out-of-place against the natural backdrop)

All in all, we spend a great time in Hakone, and when it was time to leave this hilly region, the sun comes out... (expletives & curses here)

Photos by Edwina & Me 
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