Fushimi Inari Taisha


Fushimi Inari Taisha is a must-visit temple in Kyoto. The rows of thousand red torii is a sight and a beauty to behold, however that means this temple is crowded all year long, and taking a picture without people marching at the background is almost impossible. There are few ways to have a crowd-free picture. 

The first one involved some steely determination, as the temple open round the clock, you can try to visit it very early in the morning, or even late at night, so, just like I said, steely determination to wake up very early, or go home without any public transport. 

The second is something we found out first hand. Just climb to the top of the mountain, the further you go, the emptier it is. It took about one and a half hour (with our slowpoke pace) to reach the top of the mountain, and once you reached the top, you are rewarded with... almost nothing. No majestic view of Kyoto, nor a grand building/temple/palace. If you feel that spending about 3 hours of your life looking at torii is a wasteful endeavour. I suggest that you stop at the resting point, which gives you a sweeping view of Kyoto, and make a bee line to the bottom of the mountain afterwards. 

Photos by me and Edwina

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