Arashiyama, Kyoto

DSCF0802 We spent a whole day in Arashiyama, and it was really cold. The December wind really rattled the bone, and at this moment, I thought the importance of having a good pair of winter gloves. Mine was purchased in Australia, and it's good enough for Australia's mild winter, I constantly looked for a hot beverage vending machine, so I could hold a warm can of coffee in my hand (and spend quite a lot of money for hot tea, coffee, and lemon drink).

To reach Arashiyama from Kyoto, one will need to ride the Sanin Line, and stop at Saga-Arashiyama station, about 30 minutes later. While most stations in Tokyo Yamanote line stop exactly where the crowds are, it is a bit different in Kyoto. We have to walk a little bit to reach the Sagatenryuji, the tourist centre of Arashiyama that houses many stores, restaurants and gift shop. This stretch would serve well as a your bearing.

There are several interesting shops along the street. In particular a place that sell many figurines and toys. Of course being a Japanese shop, everything they have is overwhelmingly cute.
IMG_7581 IMG_7583 IMG_7584 IMG_7591 IMG_7593IMG_7595 IMG_7656
If you go along the street to the south, you will pass through a bridge that connect the street to the mountain. This is where you can find the monkeys that inhabit the area. Since E has no interest in interacting with them, we gave it a pass, and just stop at the bridge to admire the river.
IMG_7599 IMG_7600
Just a few steps away, you should visit the Tenryuji temple, and pay for the Japanese Garden entry. It was SO beautiful in winter, that I can only imagine the visual feast it offers every spring. However, if you visit on spring, it is a big chance that you will rub shoulders with throngs of tourists.
IMG_7606 DSCF0821 IMG_7616 IMG_7627 IMG_7637 IMG_7649 IMG_7651
From the Tenryuji temple, make your way to the bamboo grooves. In winter, the tall bamboos cover the sun, and it was a wee bit dark amidst these grooves. You can pay a rickshaw to pull you around, but unfortunately, they might not be able to communicate in other language aside from Japanese (all the more reason to learn)
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Our last stop is the gift shop. Arashiyama housed a chopstick store that actually customise the chopstick with any name you gave them. So we really spend some dough here for our friends and family back home.

Photos by me and Edwina


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