Eat Till You Drop in Osaka


Osaka is a 15 minutes train ride from Kyoto (riding on a Shinkansen, that is), and we decided to only spend one day in the city, focusing our time in Dotonburi, the food street. In this area, you will find hundreds of restaurants, stalls, and souvenir shops that sell all the Osaka specialty, such as the crabs, okonomiyaki, and takoyaki.

Since I am allergic to crustacean, I leave it to E to taste the 8-legged creature. She instantly fell in ecstatic mood, and threw praises to how good it is, enough to make my mouth watery just from her description. We then sampled various food along the street, and the only limit was our stomach's capacity, which, due to age, filled quickly.

It is better to enjoy Dotonburi with a big group of friends, so that you can order, share, and taste more!

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