The White Heron Castle


Japan has a wealth of great carpentry work, with craftsmanship level that maybe has no to little rival elsewhere. The Himeji castle is one of them.

Perching on top of a small hill in the city, the castle is visible from the train station, and a short walk of no more than 15 minutes will bring you to the front gate of the castle. You can imagine that in the past, all the people of the town will be able to see the structure from afar, and maybe feel a bit safe with such grand fortification looming about. 

The castle itself undergone several miraculous brush with total destruction, spared from the plan to dismantle it in 1871, the  bombing in World War 2, as well as the great Hanshin earthquake in 1995.

If you are interested in a more supernatural phenomenon, the castle also a breeding ground of the famous ghost story, the Okiku's well. Okiku was falsely accused of stealing a valuable dish from the family, and thrown to the well, people often claim that they can still hear her voice from the well, counting the dishes to make sure that nothing is missing.

Just beside the castle, there is the Kokoen Garden, that we will visit in the next post. 

Photo Credit: Edwina

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