Strolling at Kanazawa


Kanazawa might not be as popular as Kyoto, Tokyo, or Osaka, and it really has different atmosphere compared to the big cities. However, if you one day put Kanazawa in your travelling list, there are several things that you might want to consider visiting.

Firstly is the Ohmi-cho Market. Just like every other market in Japan, it is crowded and filled to the brim with good food. We tasted some grilled squid here, and you can feel the freshness by the sweet taste and crunchy texture. The bountiful sea of Japan surely demonstrate its kindness here.

The next one should be the Kenroku-en garden. A cloudy and cold day might take the colour and beauty away, but if you come in spring, you are in for a treat. Once you are done with this vast and beautiful garden, you can opt to visit Kanazawa castle just beside it.

We chose not to visit the castle, but go straight south to visit the Ninja-dera temple, and Nishi Chaya district. Unfortunately, Ninja-dera temple can only so much people as everyone has to follow the compulsory guided tour, and they don't have any more slot to accommodate us. For your information, the tour is only conducted in Japanese.
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