Korea Trip #1 - Travelling Time

Waiting for the flight *yawn*

We concocted the plan to visit Korea back in 2016 with an itinerary to stay in Jeju and Seoul for 4 days each, and we just came back a couple of weeks ago (thus explain the delay between the photo editing and posting time).

This trip was quite challenging in some ways. Firstly, none of us speaks Korean, and most people don't use English here. Secondly, our knowledge of the country was quite limited. We pretty much depend on literature instead of having clear objectives of what we would like to see, taste, or experience. It was somewhat unsettling for me, but the experiences taught me to go with the flow. 

The first day of the holiday is always the dreaded travelling time. We decided to visit Jeju first before Seoul, as we heard that the latter is a haven for shoppers, and we definitely do not want to carry all the newly-purchased items in the second leg of the holiday. As such our first-day route was Changi - Incheon - Gimpo - Jeju. 

From Incheon, getting into Gimpo is a simple manner of boarding the train to Seoul, which will make a stop at Gimpo within the hour. We put a long period between our arrival in Incheon (6 am) and our departure in Gimpo (3 pm), as we were worried that we might encounter something unplanned on the road. This was really unnecessary, and we had too much time to kill at Gimpo. At least, we took some pictures near the Gimpo Lottemart. 

So for the first instalment, here are some photos that documented the dreaded first day, pictures full of bleary eyes and tired souls -__-

Landed at Incheon! We didn't get enough sleep
Lottemart at Gimpo, a lifesaver when you have +5 hours to kill
DSCF2826 DSCF2827 DSCF2832 DSCF2833 DSCF2840 DSCF2843 IMG_9286
At last, Jeju Island
DSCF2851 DSCF2848


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