Korea Trip #2 - Soegwipo

After a good night sleep, we visited Seogwipo to join the Submarine Tour. We took a taxi from Jeju city centre to this southern part of the island. Language is a great barrier, and we had difficulties just to explain things to our taxi driver (If you couldn't drive in Korea, getting a driver who could speak english could actually make your trip easier). It was slightly frustrating, but also add certain spice to our experience.

Our taxi driver, despite the fact that we couldn't communicate well, was trying his best to understand us, and, even with this big obstacle, manage to book us the submarine tour (it involved a lot of google translate, a call to someone who can actually speak a bit of english, and a lot of guess work). 

Seogwipo itself is a good place for a bit of hiking, however, as we have only limited time before the tour, we didn't have the chance to explore most of it.

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