Korea Trip #5 - Seongsan Ilchubong

Location: Seongsan Ilchubong, Jeju Island

This is a must see place if you're visiting Jeju Island. We were a bit worried because on the day, it was foggy, and you can't see the crater from afar. Fortunately, the fog subsides just before we do our climb. The climb (both up and down) can be done within a couple of hours. 
IMG_9520 DSCF2956 IMG_9522 IMG_9523 IMG_9524 IMG_9532 IMG_9534 DSCF2961 IMG_9538 IMG_9539 IMG_9547 IMG_9552 DSCF2963 IMG_9559 DSCF2964 DSCF2965 IMG_9562 DSCF2966 IMG_9566 DSCF2967 IMG_9569 IMG_9575 DSCF2970 IMG_9587 IMG_9589 IMG_9590 DSCF2972 IMG_9596 IMG_9598 IMG_9601 IMG_9604 IMG_9607 IMG_9610


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