(Not So) Frequently Asked Question

I'm no celebrity, so I never really get asked too many questions. However there are a few things that I want to explain (forcefully) to the poor souls that inadvertently visit my website. I also have a comment box down there in this page (just scroll down), so you can ask me a real question (although there is no promise that I would answer a difficult question)

1. Why are you taking pictures?
Because my parents took a lot of pictures. While it sounds like I want to be a doctor because my dad is one, it's more about the pictures that they keep in their album, and show to me while telling stories about what happened in the pictures that really make me consider taking pictures as a hobby. I like to be able to see at all the pictures that I've taken along the way, remember the occasion, location and emotion (I try to put many words ended with -ion there), and relive it, even for a while. 
My parents bought me my first film camera when I was 12 (or younger? I couldn't remember), a simple point and shoot, and I spent too much money developing things that are either over or under-exposed, until I lost it in an excursion to the theme park. Started again about two decades after, and has been loving it ever since.

2. Why do your pictures look bluish?
Because I edited all my photos for print, and unfortunately, with the exception of MacBook, most screens have significant blue tint on it. I know that many photographers actually edited their photos for 2 different application, screen and print, however, I don't have the time and patience to do it (please forgive me).

3. Are you a professional photographer? Can I hire you?
If by professional you mean that I get paid to take pictures, yes, sometimes. If you mean that I can live just by taking pictures, unfortunately, not yet. Don't let it bother you, if you want to pay me a huge (I'll settle with reasonable) sum amount of money to do a project with you, please do so. 

4. Would you take my picture for free? it's good for your exposure!
Umm, unless you're a family member that I don't mind treating to lunch or dinner, the answer is not really. No matter how small your project is, there will be some cost for the photographer. Do you know that each camera has longevity of about 100,000 photos? That's right, a single click will cost you at least 1/100,000 of the camera price. 

5. Can I buy any of your pictures?
Why, yes, I can even print it out for you (that would really make my day). I also have a Dreamstime account for some of my pictures. Do note that some of my old pictures in this website are only available in small size, so always check first with me. 

6. I saw a picture in your website, and then I couldn't find it again?
When a picture is submitted to Dreamstime, I try to make sure that the picture will no longer be displayed here. However, I also sometime change things around just for fun. If you really miss one of the picture badly, contact me. 

6. Who is that girl I see..?
I hope you're not singing "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera. If you're asking about the girl whose pictures are everywhere in my site, she is E, half human, half fox, a very good writer, with too short of an attention span. she has her own blog, dealing with finer things in life. She is my partner in crime and happens to be my favourite humanoid object. We travel together through life, and that's why you'll see her from time to time.

7. Your website sucks!
Thank you for your candid an honest review. I believe it does, as I have no web-skill whatsoever (I'm no spiderman). This is a work in progress - for I don't know how long, so bear with me. If you have any technical suggestion, with real application, do let me know. 

Have any other question? leave them below!


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