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Welcoming a Little One

One day, my teacher posed the class with this question,"What would you do, should an alien race come to this world, to say that we welcome them with peace?". We were 14 or 15 years old, and at that age, we thought it was cooler to have a space fight a la Star Wars.

He continued on, "We should send a couple with their baby as our ambassadors, because baby is a symbol of love", and as an easily impressed kids, we were looking at him with awe. It was SO deep, (that Adele might roll in it).

Today, I know that it's not necessarily true, some babies arrived due to circumstances, some get the wrong gender, and risked getting hated (or terminated) by their own parents. It might make someone a bit cynical, especially in a world where over-population is a major concern.

But, here we are, finding some of our friends, great people who has been waiting for a little one all their life. We are so happy to know, that these babies will come into a loving family, even though the parents' eyes is tinged with blood colour due to all the loss of sleep. In this circumstances, a celebratory welcoming, is indeed fitting. We hope you, little one, and your parents, really live, laugh, and more importantly, love. 

Nieces at Eddy & March Wedding


A throwback at Eddy & Marchel's wedding. Eddy is my brother in law, and I was just one of the guest, so I didn't take too much photos of the couple. However I made amend by taking more pictures of my nieces (they will be featured once in a while in this blog!)

Again, many hearty congratulations for Eddy & March. All the best for both of you as a new family :)

A Graduation in The Family


A bit late, but here it is, 
a toast for the years that you went through, 
many sleepless nights and hard work that you put through it, 
and the perseverance to move forward. 

Here it is for your future, 
for all stormy days and uncharted waters. 
For you have sailed away.

Here it is for your happiness,
that one day you'll find again,
a safe harbour and terra firma under your feet.

And the last one for you,
to notice that this is not a poem
as it has no reason or rhyme.

Ferry & Heny Wedding, January 2015, Jogjakarta

Wedding is one happy celebration, and I hope the happiest life ahead for Ferry and Heny. May your love will lead you on, until both of you grow old, together.

Adelaide Zombie Walk 2014

Adelaide Zombie Walk is an annual charity/fun event for the world food bank. Every proceed from the event goes to help various countries facing lack of food. These are some pictures from 2014 event (they already planned 2015 event, talk about planning in advance). More than 1000 people came and dressed up not only as zombie, but also other monsters. I think they just need a reason to wear a costume.

Happy Birthday To You :)

Some birthday stay forever with you, but sometimes, you're just too small to remember them. Thankfully your parents would happily show you all the pictures.

Riding The Wind

Bondi Beach skateboard park. I used to own the roller skate, and I fell one time too many. Seeing these people running about without care effortlessly make me feel that I have no grace at all.

Caversham, Bridal Photoshoot

I'm supporting Damien Smith, Perth-based very experienced photographer in this fun photoshoot session for a bridal magazine. We spent the whole day in this beautiful location, and the pictures came out just as beautiful.
Location: Caversham House, Swan Valley

Iwasaki Onikenbai

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