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New Zealand Pt. 4 - Mount Cook (Aoraki) Glacier

Borrowing E's Term, the Mount Cook glacier sightseeing is "surreal". This is a relic of the ice age, million of years ago, that travels through centuries and has witnesses thousand of changes to the face of the earth, while the glacier itself is facing impending doom, to totally melt sometime in the future. Sit down for a while to think about it and it's pretty darn romantic.

New Zealand Pt. 3 - Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo ('Taka' - Sleeping Mat, Po - 'Night') is a natural stopping point for travelers heading to Queenstown from Christchurch, as it positioned almost halfway between the two cities. The lake itself is nothing but stunning, with blue milky water with very cool water even in the midst of summer.

First Try on Cinemagraph - Franz Joseph Glacier

Victor Harbor - South Australia

Horse-powered Tram at Granite Island

Victor Harbor, is a small city, about 1 hour drive from Adelaide. We went to the granite island for a visit to the penguin conservatory and a hike on the island. You can reach the island using the horse-powered tram which has been Victor Harbor main tourist attraction.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

A Scheme Of Madness

In 1903, the ambitious project to send fresh water supply to gold mines 600 kilometers away was dubbed as "The scheme of madness". The result: Mundaring Weir,

Jatiluwih - The Paddy Terrace

A hidden gem in Bali. If you have the time, visit this place for a walk with amazing view.

Birth and Death of a Fiery Ball

Monkey Business

South Western Australia

Busselton Jetty- the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere

A long drive to the South Western Australia is a rewarding trip. We stopped at Bunbury, Dunsborough, and Yalingup. Here are several memorable location that were captured along the way.

Araluen Botanic Garden Photoshoot

Araluen Botanic Garden is exceedingly beautiful, although the spring's rain made it less than ideal location for a photoshoot. Even so, we had a fun photoshoot, and maybe we'll be here again someday.

S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore, claims to be the world's largest aquarium, is a mesmerising place. There are so many beautiful objects and I was so ill equipped to capture their breathtaking beauty. There'll be a next time.

Perth City, Part 2 - The Wildlife

The Closest I've Been To Antartica

 Photos taken from a road trip to the southern part of Western Australia, a charming city by the sea, Albany. Dive, take a stroll at the wind farm, watch the whale, visit the whaling museum, and take a dip in the cold water. 

Land of The White Elephant

Full Bloom

Garden By The Bay, Singapore
Flowers can aptly symbolise the beauty of life, and maybe the struggle of it as well. they live momentarily, in the moment, and wither away when the season changes.

Butterfly Garden - Singapore

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