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Dancing Hands & Magical Pattern

Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali

Banyan Tree Ungasan sits on top of a cliff, overseeing the southern tip of the peninsula. This one could be a special place for all couple out there.

Monkey Business

Happy Birthday To You :)

Some birthday stay forever with you, but sometimes, you're just too small to remember them. Thankfully your parents would happily show you all the pictures.

Bali, A Family Trip

Tiling Prodigy Photoshoot

This is a project commissioned by Tiling Prodigy (, Perth based tiling company.
Mike & Tui Rasmussen, the proprietors, were developing their company website and require various photos to highlight the team, the working process and craftsmanship.

Here are some of the pictures. It's a pleasure to work with you guys, and I wish all the success for you :)

Riding The Wind

Bondi Beach skateboard park. I used to own the roller skate, and I fell one time too many. Seeing these people running about without care effortlessly make me feel that I have no grace at all.

Araluen Botanic Garden Photoshoot

Araluen Botanic Garden is exceedingly beautiful, although the spring's rain made it less than ideal location for a photoshoot. Even so, we had a fun photoshoot, and maybe we'll be here again someday.

Caversham, Bridal Photoshoot

I'm supporting Damien Smith, Perth-based very experienced photographer in this fun photoshoot session for a bridal magazine. We spent the whole day in this beautiful location, and the pictures came out just as beautiful.
Location: Caversham House, Swan Valley

The Closest I've Been To Antartica

 Photos taken from a road trip to the southern part of Western Australia, a charming city by the sea, Albany. Dive, take a stroll at the wind farm, watch the whale, visit the whaling museum, and take a dip in the cold water. 

Iwasaki Onikenbai

Read more about Iwasaki Onikenbai at

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