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A Weekend in Coloane


Visiting Coloane was not high in my list, if it was not for E's insistence to spend a day in the area, I might missed the serenity of the southern-most part of Macau in my (wrongly held) belief that it has nothing to offer. 

Coloane is a gorgeous location, with many colours and beautiful locations that practically scream for your attention, especially in front of the Church of Francis Xavier. It also houses the Lord Stow's bakery, with their must-try Portuguese Egg Tart, which are really yummy for just 9 MOP each! (edit: at the time I was back in Macau, the inflation took control and I found myself in disbelief, after seeing the new price of 10 MOP per piece).

We climb to the Alto de Coloane (meaning we ride the free shuttle bus). On top of this hill, there is this replica of some old palace from whichever dynasty in China. A really beautiful place, yet devoid of tourists (which was basically the feeling I got from travelling around Coloane).

All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Coloane, and I wish we spent more time here. Unfortunately, the summer sun and the heat brought premature end to our excursion, forcing us to stopped several times to rehydrate ourselves, even umbrella didn't help. 

The Heart of Macau Peninsula - Largo de Senado

Largo de Senado, and its trippy flooring

In the middle of Macau Peninsula, there is this network of public squares that to some extent represent Macau history and culture. The biggest one is the Largo de Senado, or the Senado Square (or if you really want to translate it to English, the Senate Square), which is a part of the UNESCO Heritage Site. This sprawling area (of about 3700 square meter, according to Wikipedia) is clearly marked with the white and black cobblestone that create trippy, wavy pattern.

In this area, you will find old churches and Portuguese style building on one alley, and an old Chinese mansion (Lou Kao Mansion) on the other. One street is filled with traditional street food which includes steamboat-like offal and meatball soup, side by side with Italian gelato stalls and a Ramen restaurant a stone-throw away (assuming you have a very strong arm). 

While you're reading the description, you might think of yourself transferred in time to the olden days. However the line of stores in this area would certainly bring abrupt end to that notion (whether it's good or otherwise, I believe would differ from person to person). Here we are on one of the most beautiful part in Macau, and as your eyes sweep the horizon, come to the vision of various international brands, and (most surprisingly) rows of beauty stores. Maybe the Macanese take their beauty regime very seriously.

The peak of the experience, figuratively and literally, is the ruin of St. Paul Church, which stands on top of the hill overseeing Macau, just beside the old fort (a sign of State-Religion duality? please don't read too much into it). The fort no longer shoot cannon balls to the sea, most possibly because all the casinos that block the way.

Taipa Village - Charming Alley and Old Style Food

The Night Falls in Taipa Village

Arriving at Taipa village, I instantly forget about the casinos-filled skyline of Macau, and instead feast my eyes on many small, quaint alleys, that are filled with food stalls and restaurant. if you're looking for the equivalent of street food in Macau, this would be the place. To be honest, while it's quite tasty, Macanese food is not exactly something that I couldn't live without

Food in Macau generally is quite expensive, as we spend about SGD 10-15 for a simple meal. Taipa is no exception, but at the very least, the environment does offer a different experience from the bustling city just across the bridge.

A Graduation in The Family


A bit late, but here it is, 
a toast for the years that you went through, 
many sleepless nights and hard work that you put through it, 
and the perseverance to move forward. 

Here it is for your future, 
for all stormy days and uncharted waters. 
For you have sailed away.

Here it is for your happiness,
that one day you'll find again,
a safe harbour and terra firma under your feet.

And the last one for you,
to notice that this is not a poem
as it has no reason or rhyme.

Guten Tag Aus Hahndorf


Hahndorf is a small city in South Australia, about 45 minutes drive from Adelaide, and is the oldest German town in Australia.

Throwback - Last few weeks in Adelaide


These photos were taken across our last few weeks in Adelaide. While we stayed only for a short while, there is a feeling of attachment to the city already and the small things that we did together.

New Zealand Pt. 10 - On The Road, The Final Installment

There are a few pictures that wouldn't fit into any of the album in my blog, because it was taken along the way, in-between points. I just put it here as a remembrance of what we've encountered in New Zealand. Hope to visit it again one day.

Adelaide Central Market - Revisited

Central market in Adelaide is a bustling, amazing place. You can visit the market in the weekend and really soak in the atmosphere, from the aroma, colours, sound and the energy. For us, this is where we get our weekly produce, as well as to unwind a bit in the weekend.

New Zealand Pt. 7 - Te Anau & Milford Sound

Te Anau is the closest city to Milford Sound. This city, just aside the Te Anau lake, is a charming little town, with many options for tourist. If you have enough budget, a flyover on the fjord would be a fantastic experience. Other travelers with our budget could opt to visit the glow worm cave, just a short ferry ride from the town. This is a new experience for me to go inside the cave and see the whole cave ceiling peppered with tiny little glow. Unfortunately, photography is strictly forbidden inside the cave since sounds and light can annoy the tiny worms.

Summer in Adelaide

The summer in Adelaide is somehow unpredictable (compared to our tropical origin), with a large swing in temperature. Days could be beautiful, cold, wet, or downright hot with capital H. When sunlight (and heat) flood the city in the weekend, we just got out, stop inside one of the climate controlled shopping centres, sip our ice tea, and have a look around. 

New Zealand Pt. 6 - Larnarch Castle

Larnarch Castle is the only castle in New Zealand. Built by William Larnarch (a banker AND a politician, no wonder he could afford a castle) as a residential place since his son fell in love with the view from this hill, overlooking Otago peninsula.

New Zealand Pt. 5 - St. Kilda Beach, Dunedin

We arrived at Dunedin on Christmas Eve, and the city was very busy preparing the day, with all the stores closed early. While it means that we couldn't have any activity in the city, there are places that get deserted, like the beach. We took a stroll near St. Kilda Beach, enjoyed the clear blue sky, soft sands under our feet, with almost no one else.

Vestire Boutique Photoshoot

This project is commissioned by Alison from Vestire Boutique ( to get some picture for their summer collection. So, what would be better to represent summer than fun near the sea side and picnic under the sun?

Location: Glenelg Jetty and Marina.

Victor Harbor - South Australia

Horse-powered Tram at Granite Island

Victor Harbor, is a small city, about 1 hour drive from Adelaide. We went to the granite island for a visit to the penguin conservatory and a hike on the island. You can reach the island using the horse-powered tram which has been Victor Harbor main tourist attraction.

Adelaide Zombie Walk 2014

Adelaide Zombie Walk is an annual charity/fun event for the world food bank. Every proceed from the event goes to help various countries facing lack of food. These are some pictures from 2014 event (they already planned 2015 event, talk about planning in advance). More than 1000 people came and dressed up not only as zombie, but also other monsters. I think they just need a reason to wear a costume.

The Little Adventurer

This post is dedicated to my best friend, E from, who has been the greatest company I could ever ask, and more. Thank you for all the precious moments!

Wong Tai Sin & Chi Lin Nunnery

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

The peak offers you an unobstructed view of the strait below it. The best time to visit is definitely at the late afternoon, when it starts to get dark and the light turned on. Be ready to brace a throng of visitors, especially if you take the Peak Tram. The ride is short, but the queue can take a toll on your emotional well being.

Ngong Ping, Lantau Island - Hong Kong

Ngong Ping is a highland at Lantau Island, HK. In 2002, the government planned a HK$750 million tourism project which helped Ngong Ping to become one premiere destination for travelers.

To visit the place, visitors need to take the Tung Chung Line MTR, stopped at the very end of the line, and take a bus, or a cable car to the Ngong Ping Village. The latter is advisable, but be prepared for a long queue.

Marina Bay, Singapore Skyline

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