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New Zealand Pt. 10 - On The Road, The Final Installment

There are a few pictures that wouldn't fit into any of the album in my blog, because it was taken along the way, in-between points. I just put it here as a remembrance of what we've encountered in New Zealand. Hope to visit it again one day.

New Zealand Pt. 9 - Franz Josef Glacier


The day of a glacier is numbered, especially in the current climate (yes, I'm judging you who throw garbage in the wrong bin. :p ).

New Zealand Pt. 8 - Queenstown Adventure

Queenstown gets its reputation as the "Adrenaline Capital" or the "Adventure City" due to the fact that you can do a lot of interesting things, year round. Unfortunately, most of these adventures come with considerable price range, especially if you consider your fear of height.

New Zealand Pt. 7 - Te Anau & Milford Sound

Te Anau is the closest city to Milford Sound. This city, just aside the Te Anau lake, is a charming little town, with many options for tourist. If you have enough budget, a flyover on the fjord would be a fantastic experience. Other travelers with our budget could opt to visit the glow worm cave, just a short ferry ride from the town. This is a new experience for me to go inside the cave and see the whole cave ceiling peppered with tiny little glow. Unfortunately, photography is strictly forbidden inside the cave since sounds and light can annoy the tiny worms.

New Zealand Pt. 6 - Larnarch Castle

Larnarch Castle is the only castle in New Zealand. Built by William Larnarch (a banker AND a politician, no wonder he could afford a castle) as a residential place since his son fell in love with the view from this hill, overlooking Otago peninsula.

New Zealand Pt. 5 - St. Kilda Beach, Dunedin

We arrived at Dunedin on Christmas Eve, and the city was very busy preparing the day, with all the stores closed early. While it means that we couldn't have any activity in the city, there are places that get deserted, like the beach. We took a stroll near St. Kilda Beach, enjoyed the clear blue sky, soft sands under our feet, with almost no one else.

New Zealand Pt. 4 - Mount Cook (Aoraki) Glacier

Borrowing E's Term, the Mount Cook glacier sightseeing is "surreal". This is a relic of the ice age, million of years ago, that travels through centuries and has witnesses thousand of changes to the face of the earth, while the glacier itself is facing impending doom, to totally melt sometime in the future. Sit down for a while to think about it and it's pretty darn romantic.

New Zealand Pt. 3 - Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo ('Taka' - Sleeping Mat, Po - 'Night') is a natural stopping point for travelers heading to Queenstown from Christchurch, as it positioned almost halfway between the two cities. The lake itself is nothing but stunning, with blue milky water with very cool water even in the midst of summer.

New Zealand Pt. 2 - On the road to Lake Tekapo

A road trip around South Island, New Zealand is amazing, and by far, probably the most scenic road trip I've ever been. Here are some pictures of the blue skies, hidden creeks, wild flowers and local eateries on our way from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo.

New Zealand Pt. 1 - The Journey Start - Christchurch

Our journey across New Zealand South Island started at Christchurch. Our group arrived in the middle of the night after flying for most of the day, so we collect our car from Budget and head to our lodging. We were staying at Haka Lodge, which was not fantastic (a bit old and musty), but at the very least serve its purpose as our resting point at economical rate. Unfortunately, Christmas time is a busy period and finding a lodging could prove to be a challenge, so it is advisable to book early and read the reviews carefully.

First Try on Cinemagraph - Franz Joseph Glacier

Merry Christmas & Travelling Time: Aoteaora - New Zealand

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
We will be travelling to New Zealand this Christmas, and hopefully we'll be bringing home some amazing pictures from the journey. It does mean that the blog won't be updated anytime soon, at least until January 2015, and then I'll try to manage the daunting task of editing hundreds of photograph before I post them here.

We (a party of 5) will be doing a 12 days road trip in the South Island of New Zealand. We booked our transportation and some accommodation through Kira Holidays ( who specializes in New Zealand self drive and guided tours. They've been very helpful and accommodating with our requests, many thanks to them and I do hope that we weren't so imposing (or obnoxious, or insensible).

The journey will start in Christchurch, and from there, we will be driving to Lake Tekapo, Dunedin, Te Anau, Lake Hawea, Franz Josef and Greymouth, before finishing it up back in Christchurch making a big round of the south island. We do hope for great weather and great journey.

So before we leave, we want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, family and friends. We'll see you again soon.

Lady at the Fair

We went to Mclaren Vale to drink wine, scour the fairs and eat chocolate. And when we came back home, I realised I forgot to take more pictures... :(

An Evening Stroll at Torrens River

Summer in Adelaide is a great time to walk around with its cool wind and late sunset. I grabbed the chance to take an evening stroll by Torrens river with a group of photography enthusiasts (that I met through I got the chance to witness the city come to life with lights when the night fell (as the river is just north of the city CBD).

Victor Harbor - South Australia

Horse-powered Tram at Granite Island

Victor Harbor, is a small city, about 1 hour drive from Adelaide. We went to the granite island for a visit to the penguin conservatory and a hike on the island. You can reach the island using the horse-powered tram which has been Victor Harbor main tourist attraction.

Adelaide Zombie Walk 2014

Adelaide Zombie Walk is an annual charity/fun event for the world food bank. Every proceed from the event goes to help various countries facing lack of food. These are some pictures from 2014 event (they already planned 2015 event, talk about planning in advance). More than 1000 people came and dressed up not only as zombie, but also other monsters. I think they just need a reason to wear a costume.

Adelaide - Go Out and Play

We arrived in Adelaide in October, but due to a lot of things that has to be done, I haven't updated the site for quite some time. Settling in could be a tough job. The CBD is a bit wider compared to Perth, but also much shorter, which make Adelaide a stocky city :)

Back to Australia - A visit to Melbourne

Flinders Street Station - Melbourne Central Station
 After a month or so travelling the South East Asia region, I came back to Australia, or Adelaide to be precise. Before making it to Adelaide though, we got the chance to stay for a week in Melbourne, the most livable city in the world (at least for the Melbournians). The weather was agreeable, but the city really has 4 seasons in one day.

The Little Adventurer

This post is dedicated to my best friend, E from, who has been the greatest company I could ever ask, and more. Thank you for all the precious moments!

Queuing for Crumbs

This post is more of a guilty pleasure, it won't be filled with very high quality photos, but the ones that jog my memories for my other passion, the gastronomic kind. Here in Hong Kong, you have to battle your way to get good food, a long queue is a sign of (supposedly) good food, however it's been a hit and miss for me.
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